Today is hard

Today is hard

Today is weird

For sake of vanity

I will not mention

What happened last is clear

Another Radical angle

Another Line portrayed

Another View to strangle

Then think that we are saved I don’t know what it’s all about

But I guess I will conjecture

Whatever’s spraying from from this spout is a lost and lonely texture

But can for once our people unite?

And bring this to final close?

Or should we wish to further this night?

For some advantage?

I suppose

Off they went

And took with them lives well spent

Off we go now to take their lives unbestowed

And we may not realize

Looking through our privileged eyes

That every Life, no matter, is precious

But we cannot gain that common sense

Because for it, we lose our causes

Yet never do we take the needed pauses

To think the impact of our ways

And until, we will not lead to better days

So we ourselves become frustrated throb

To be Free, we must unite in mob

Against imposing the impact of our world

Even if we think we’re helping,

Who are we to take their revolutionary word?

And in the words of V, on the way things are: “If you’re looking for the guilty,

You need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid.”

But “Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero”

A Lover

A Fool

A Villain