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Equality at Acadia

November 19, 2015 Contributors 0

An Open Letter from the kNOwMORE Team Hey Acadia! Did you know that our school doesn’t have a full-time Equity Officer? Currently, administration has only […]


October 1, 2015 Contributors 0

The recent reports of sexual assault on our campus are a topic that cannot be swept under the rug. The #kNOwMore campaign would like to […]

Welcome/Hello/How Are Ya?

September 16, 2015 Colin Mitchell 0

Good morning, good evening, and goodnight. My name is Andrew Haskett and I am the residing Editor-in-Chief of the Athenaeum, Acadia University’s student news publication. […]

Hi everyone.

September 16, 2015 Colin Mitchell 0

Welcome to, the website of Acadia University’s student news publication, the Athenaeum. As you can see, we’re starting anew. Give us some time, give […]