Google Play Radio Stations You Should Be Listening To

This article is for us peasants that are only able to afford to avail the services of Google Play. Sure, it’s no Spotify with its sleek UI and massive catalogue, or Apple Music with its exclusive artist releases. Google Play does earn some merit in the radio station departments–not only is it free to listen to, but it’s also incredibly well structured, and fittingly tailored towards your mood.

So, here are some radio stations you should be listening to (and can listen to for absolutely free) on Google Play Music.


Café Sway

‘Ever find yourself gently swaying in your booth at your favourite neighbourhood coffee shop? One of these mellow tunes is probably the culprit’


When to listen to it:

  • When drinking a cup of coffee in the solace of your room as rain batters outside
  • When watering your plants
  • When you’ve drunkenly wandered into Paris and can’t find your way out




‘Some call it chillwave, others call it glo-fi. Whatever the name, this laid-back blend of modern lo-fi recording techniques and vintage synth noises is one of today’s most addictive sounds.’


When to listen to it:

  • You miss the 80’s
  • You realize synth-pop really gets you in the mood
  • You wish that life was more like an indie rom-com



Shhh, Don’t Wake the Baby

‘You’ve finally managed to get the little one to sleep and you’re ready to relax. From hushed alt-rock to gentle Brazilian croons, this collection of exquisitely delicate tunes is quiet enough to keep from waking even the lightest sleeper.’


When to listen to it:

  • It’s late at night and you just can’t seem to inch closer to sleep
  • Introspecting on the quieter things of the night
  • Reading that book for the fiftieth time



Beyond The After Party

‘This is the the sound of a late night urban romance: a mix of downtempo, R&B and forgotten pop from the ’90s through today.’


When to listen to it:

  • You’re walking back from a loft party somewhere uptown, and the sounds of the city just don’t seem to feed the groove you seek.
  • A downtempo feel to pop
  • Pissing away your money on a third tequila shot



For A Rainy Summer Day

(Perhaps my personal favorite)

‘Listen to this warm mix of acoustic songs while relaxing inside on a rainy summer afternoon.’


When to listen to it:

  • Holding someone in bed and not worrying about the hours fading away
  • Before/After/During sex
  • Drinking wine in the heat of a summer night


Since this is the ‘sex issue’, here are a couple of radio stations to lay down with a loved one and horizontally yankee doodle to:


Date Night City Soundscape

‘A beautifully eclectic and mellow backdrop to dinner in the city. Perfect for setting the mood on the first date without being too suggestive.’


Indie Dinner For Two

‘Did you first bond with your significant other over a shared love of indie music? Let these gentle indie love songs soundtrack your home-cooked dinner for two.


Sleepytime Indie

‘If you’re ready for some soothing sounds to lull you softly into slumberland, but your tastes run toward the alternative, here’s a heaping helping of hushed tunes by indie favourites of yesterday and today.’