unerotic erotica

when a cotton white shirt sits down
when it’s new, but about 23 wears in
when you smell it before you see it
when you think about putting your
               knit brow
               running nose
               and contemplative pivoting chin on it
when his Plaines of a chest crouches over his stomach
when shoulders protrude out,
               like two synchronized divers in unison swim over the ripples
               that the blades have created
               or when
when they remember to call their mum, and email their dad
when they have shared too much
when they change their hair because
               your girl liked it that way
               amiright? haha pfft
when they’re half in the bag,
               and smiles are just for the boys,
               happy to be blinking still
when Adam’s apples dance on first tries
when they borrow the book for themselves, but it’s for you
when they have paint on their canvas jacket from helping a neighbour last fall
when they think gnawing on their cupid’s bow
               will help them remember the right answer
when will they realize, beauty is not born with, but is inevitable?