This Week in Pop Culture: Baby Yoda, Grammy Nominations, and Tesla’s Weird Cyber Truck

Just when you thought you were tired of hearing about Disney+, Grammy nominations, and that weird Tesla Cyber Truck, I thought I’d bombard you some more! 

Disney+ has been available for streaming for a little bit over two weeks now. For those who do not know, Disney+ is a new streaming service that features over 500 movies and 7,500 episodes of both classic (think all the way back to Snow White) and new (think a brand-new Star Wars show) content. It can be purchased for $8.99/month. For the most part, it appears that consumers have been very impressed with the service thus far (except for some technical errors that occurred within the first few days). Mostly, though, it seems people are super into the character Baby Yoda (yes, I know it’s not actually a baby version of Yoda because R.I.P. and that would make no sense in the Star Wars timeline, but I digress). Anyway, Baby Yoda is objectively adorable and it may be the one thing that unites Boomers and Gen Z. 

Last Wednesday, the 2020 Grammy nominations were announced. The awards ceremony will be taking place on January 26th, 2020. Lizzo received the most nominations with eight, followed by Billie EIlish and Lil Nas X with six, and with multiple nominations for Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Bon Iver, and Lana del Ray. While many of these artists do deserve recognition for their work, though a lot of artists were snubbed this year (shocker!) and particularly women in hip-hop. Although it is fantastic to see an uptick in women nominated overall, this really was the year of women in hip-hop and none of them got the recognition. The only nominated female in the rap categories was Cardi B, excluding impressive standouts like Megan Thee Stallion, Rico Nasty, and Doja Cat. I would highly suggest giving them all a listen.

And lastly, Telsa has unveiled its shiny new Cyber Truck and to be quite frank it is…kind of strange looking? The truck itself has some very impressive and competitive features, but the reasons it seems to have appeared so heavily in pop culture this past week is 1) it looks like something that was created in Microsoft Paint and 2) during the big reveal and attempt to show how sturdy the windows are, the team threw a brick at the window and it shattered. It was funny. Take a look at the truck and determine if it’s either an edgy futuristic look or a roll of aluminum foil with wheels. 

Image result for elon musk cyber truck"