Why the Trumpet Sounds

Why The Trumpets Sound

When the bass and snare drums roll away

The trumpets will sound.

Something loose,

It will be unlike the hurried beats of war,

Instead, it will be infectious and sporadic,

It will paint the smiles of its people.

As they carry the sun in their pocket and the wind at their back,

The trumpets play in union.

It is creative, flamboyant in its confidence.

It is the music of rich souls dancing on a 2 and 4.

Afro kinky coils bobbing on the back of necks.

Sharp shoes and a rhythm and blues jams,

The trumpets sound like culture,

Sounds like years of discarding hate and learning to love,

It sounds beautiful.

A distinct sound that belongs to one instrument,

When the trumpets sounds,

It is the caged bird setting itself free.

A Melodies tune some will envy

Still, it sings but a different song,

It matches the upbeats of the trumpet,

For the trumpet sounds for black joy.