Sunshine is one of those things
Everyone will praise,
But it’s also the first thing
Everyone will bitch about
when it’s shining in their eyes.
For me though,
I can’t squint
Or bitch about being blinded for twelve hours a day
I spend all day hanging high atop my branch.
My red skin glistening in the rays
As I think about what life would be like on the ground
Or what life might even be like in an oven.
It would probably be a hell of a lot worse
Than being blinded by sun,
So I figure I better keep quiet and sway in the gentle breeze.
I’ve got some tough skin, but it can be lonely up here.
So even though I’m not really sure
How much better or worse
Life might get for me once I’ve either
Or been taken
To be transformed into desserts,
I hope someone will think I’m worth the climb
And reach high enough up this tree to pluck me from my perch.