First Choice

First choice
Is not something I have never been
When team captains were selected
And they started to pick people,
I was never their first choice
Nor their second
Third and fourth
Not even their fifth or six
I was their last, Standing there
As people slowly left.

This choice, the choosing
Bled into my personal life,
The people I cared for
The person I cared for
Did not choose me either.

I was forgotten
Waiting, for that one day
when that day comes
When I get picked
When I get be your first
And do not have to wait
I will be different.

As when that day comes
You won’t be my first choice
You won’t even be my last
I will have moved on,
And you will be left
Picking an imaginary team.

For the people, you once ruled over
With an iron fist,
They have found better things to do
And have moved on, They are gone
Only you are left
All alone