Goodbye Opa!

And so suddenly it’s time,

To say goodbye at last

After all these years,

I’ve left my innocence in the past.

I’m a big girl now, older than the rest

I’ve faced many trials but this is a new test

My heart is unprepared for this ungodly pain

And melancholic memories assault my brain

A piece of me leaves with you; whom I’ve known from birth

It leaves me here to wallow on this place we call earth

But is the earth strong enough to hold me still

Or do I fall to sorrow with a broken will?

These tears flow down my face; they’re proof of my love

I promise to do my best so watch over me from up above

For I am not alone on this realm; I’ve friends plenty

These tears will dry but my love remains strong and steady.

I shall push on because like it or not; it’s time for goodbye,

My time has not yet come.

I tip my hat; give a kiss and a hug.

Then I retire for the night while you head for wonders beyond.

Tomorrow is waiting for me so goodbye,

I will live on!