I don’t know if these belong together

Time passes on

Sit in sadness,

sit in squalor.

The wind outside still blows,

the sun in the sky still rises.

You still have a chance 

to find happiness in life’s romance.


Don’t give up,

you still have so much life to live.

Don’t be sorry you feel this way, 

I just hope I’m getting through.

‘Cause I don’t know what else to do.


Take a breath.     


A message

Of support

And love

From the one

That is causing

The grievance

The irony is not lost on me.



Most likely am


the issue.


This Poem is About One Person


I felt on my face, the blessing of the sun. That warm body infusing glow. I felt on my ear, her whispered thanks for a service that gave so much yet took nothing from me.


The marks of his happiness were hidden from others, but I could feel it on my collarbone where the bags strap pushed into it. Their fingers traced down my back across the scars and the suffering, past the stretch marks that measured my growth from when I was less of a person.


He is delicate to me, and kind with her hands. No sting on my face when they are mad. No lines of suffering across wrist or thigh for mistakes pushed on me that I had no agency in making. I thank her for the kindness that is shown that others wouldn’t consider anything other than an expectation.