The lists tend to help me 


Lists for packing

Bras, button downs, belts

All the chaos becomes order that I am lacking


Lists for my day

Get fish, get healthy, get poster board from the dollar store 

Help ease the disarray, ease the stress

With day to day things 


Lists for my life goals

Make friends, make good grades, make a perfect life 

But this ordered chaos

Still has holes within the system  

That runs my life 


List for my feelings

Become happy, become content, become calm 

Not something a simple list can guide me to 

Creating healing through lists 

Trying to organize the raw unfiltered primal part of humanity 

Through pen and paper 


Lists for my lists

List this, list that, list it all 

Seem to fall apart 

When I realize 

That a list cannot solve all of my problems 

Like a golden key to unlock all of life’s mysteries 

But that I must do it myself