Reasons to Wake Up

A time of restlessness, anxiety, dreariness. We are adrift amongst ambiguity, searching for a sense of stability. Regardless of how difficult things become or seem to be, what are we to hold on to? For many, motivation hides in the darkness of uncertainty, and so I invite you to reflect on what brings light to your day. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Highlighted below are reasons to wake up, gathered from the surrounding community. Feel free to enjoy, or to find inspiration in discovering your own. At the very least, I hope this may be enough to get you out of bed. 

  • Something that always gets me out of bed in the morning and brings light to my day are my friends! When I moved here, I was required to build my own support network which is very important to my well being. I am so grateful to have found friends who are caring, intelligent, and supportive through challenging times. They feel like family.

  • Being able to communicate with people and finding meaningful connections after being in isolation for so long, whether it be close friends or meeting someone new.

  • Experiencing nature!

  • There’s this art mural painted on the sides of an overpass in Ottawa. It’s kind of geometric but it has flowers on it and it reminds me of spring! It made me very happy to walk by. I’m not sure if it always gets me out of bed, but it’s nice to think about.

  • That’s a hard one and it probably changes, but funny enough, having to feed my cat is one of the biggest things that gets me out of bed. The smell of coffee. SUNLIGHT. I genuinely look forward to moving in whatever way my body needs me to as well.

  • I wish this wasn’t such a difficult question to answer, but in all honesty, some days are definitely easier than others. I think other than school or work, what gets me out of bed is just knowing there’s potential for a good day! Maybe that’s cheesy.

  • This is beautiful! For me, the sun, or eating my favourite meal for breakfast.

  • What gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that I get to do what I’m passionate about, and hopefully making a difference in someone else’s life. I can’t necessarily do that every day because times are weird, but I am trying to find time to appreciate the simple joys in my life. Movement, going outside, revisiting a favourite book, or opening a window and listening to the birds sing.

  • Sometimes just the thought of escape. Exploring new places, or fancy dinners with my friends.

  • Food! And to pay for food.

  • I remind myself there will always be excitement, laughter to be found. I find gratitude in overcoming challenges. It boils down to accepting that the good and the bad will always be there, and appreciating life because of it.

  • Even if today isn’t the best day, the good is always available to us. I can make a positive impact on someone else. I can smile and make someone else smile.

  • The coffee he leaves for me on the bedside table every morning.

  • As someone who had a heavy battle with substance abuse, dealing with stress of school and my career, it was so important for me to switch my mentality from dreading the mornings to enjoying them. To wake up and watch the sunrise instead of just seeing it. Being more productive with my time, and not feeling depressed or drained from the night before; this is what has made getting out of bed very rewarding to me. Let’s not forget about the first sip of coffee, or a disco dance party playlist which is just so much fun! The list goes on.

  • What helps me is one particular page of a poetry book that I like to read about how people should fall in love more with simplicity; with the way their coffee swirls as soon as they pour the milk in, or hitting the snooze button over and over again. Falling in love with moments and the little things that make life extraordinary.

  • Honestly, I’ve struggled with depression for the majority of my life, and on the worst days when I can’t get up, my dog crawls into bed with me. It’s impossible not to find comfort in that! I cannot imagine my life without my dog.

  • Knowing I have friends and family to look forward to hearing from me every day.

  • That’s a tough one, and it changes every day. Mostly it is knowing that even if I feel like when I wake up it won’t be, today could be the best day I ever had. And I won’t be able to see it if I give up right away, so I push through to see it.

  • The answer that comes to me right away would be that I feel a sense of purpose. I know that I have more to contribute by engaging in society rather than laying in bed all day – no matter how warm it is. Also, I think every day feels like a new opportunity to figure out what I really want from life.

  • Another opportunity to speak to, think of, and see all of those that I love and who love me. Realizing every day how rich I am because of that love.

  • Getting out of bed is made easy when you consider every morning how it would feel not being able to. Being grateful is knowing how much more there is to do and see, how much I can grow as a person. I can improve my circumstances, be wrong, and change my mind about things. I can keep growing from these experiences, and maybe adding to the life of someone else as they add to mine. We have such a limited time floating around the sun.