The Earth is Our Mother

The earth is our mother

She holds us from the time we are born

She cares for us

And gives us what we need


The earth is our mother

Corporations and governments poisoning her

Stealing for wealth

Breaking and scarring

Taking never replacing

Murdering and burning the bodies

Hide from the truth

The facts

Scientific proof

Comfortable in denial

Ignorance is bliss


The earth is our mother

Close your eyes

Pretend there’s no fire

Those in charge will be all gone soon

People who don’t care

No future for them anywhere

Not their problem they say


Yet here are children and youth

Shouting in the streets

This is our future you are ruining

Why leave a legacy of problems to us

Here we are to take a stand

Listen to us when we proclaim


The earth is our mother

The time is now to fix your ways

Your days are numbered

We demand change


The earth is our mother

Our mother is dying

We are fighting for change