The Vampiric Curse

Edward Cullen wasn’t a real vampire.

You see, real vampires don’t sparkle in the sun. No, real vampires hide in the dark, they grow in the dark, and charmingly convince you to follow them into it.

You see, real vampires don’t watch you while you sleep, they are the reason you can’t.
They get bigger and more menacing the more you try to get them to behave.

Real vampires are not scared of the light. They see it as a chance to remind you that soon it will be gone, and you’ll go through all of it again.

When you look into a mirror you can’t see them, that’s true, but they are always staring right back at you.

They are feeding on your blood as if it’s the finest of wines, while you continue to look weaker and weaker.

Real vampires are lovers, whispering in your ear that they are all you really have. Filling you with promises of heartbreak and misery.

You see, real vampires are smart like that. They never really leave. The holiest of waters can’t burn them, and crosses can’t stop them. They are not made of flesh to be killed.

You see, the realest of vampires are not sleeping in coffins, they want you in one. And you’ll come across people who say they aren’t real.

But really, that’s not up to them to decide.

Thomas Morgan is a student in the 16-Month Bachelor of Education program and Creative Editor of The Athenaeum.