The Tale of the White Sea: Part 2

For the next six months the crew of The Rising Sun sailed further and further south, determined to find the mysterious island. As they headed towards the more unknown and uncharted reaches of the White Sea, the weather began to grow more suspicious storm clouds began to form but there was no lightning or thunder. Just a gentle breeze that seemed to come from no direction as it swept through the deck wave after wave shaking the dust of the top deck.

After several days, the weather appeared unchanged, the unease growing as the men waited with baited breath for the storm to hit them. On the sixth day of this perpetual cycle of grey skies, a lookout shouted something that everyone had waiting to hear. “LAND HO!!!!” was shouted from the rooftops that seemed to blast from every direction. In that moment, everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the long journey appeared to be over. As the ship drew closer the crew got a better look at the island.

Despite the cloud’s hanging overhead, the sea reflected off the crystals that lined the white beach before them. Palm trees scattered across its front shore, lined with fruits both imagined and unimagined. Off in the distance, trees seemed to gather into a tropical forest with a path that lead straight down the middle of it. A faint speck of stone that stood taller than any other tree could be seen as the grey clouds parted ways for just a moment, and shined on a ruin that was surrounded by the trees before camouflaging again once the clouds had moved over the sun. Captain Carson knew from that moment once he saw the ruin, it had been what he was searching for. He had reached the island of Merchant’s Ruin.

Taking a rowboat with his six best men aboard with they landed on shore. With their first steps…

To Be Continued…

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