What is Love?

Is it a sin to fall too soon?
when that person made you swoon
Is it a sin to fall too hard?
When those hormones catch you off guard?

Is love a narcotic?
To merely drive you a craze
To slowly set your heart ablaze
And showers you with cold-hard rain?

Is lust a temptation?
To make you chase the wind
To make you break the sails
Cuz all you wanted was to go all in

From the three words spoken
To the two birds in the open
Out of their eyes and innocence
The two hands ribbon in entanglements

Timeless, in a stream
Many months passed, a lifetime it seemed
In beautiful dress and gloss
The groom awaits by the cross
Where they pledge their undying will
But naive were they, still

Paris and honeymoon
As stellar as one could see
They soon realize,
they were never really meant to be…

From fine wine and dinner
How they wish they were cuffed in winter
Alas spring shed its tears, as the masquerades fall
The skeletal truth reveals, to which they both abhor
Years passed, from the first kiss to the quarrels
To debts, calls, family and struggles

Till she finally gives her way
and the other goes astray
The two birds greet a lawyer
who presents a pen and paper
Those eyes that have seen love and heaven
Bloodshot, now see hell and vengeance

The two birds depart
left with memories and broken hearts
They seek for the wise and ponder above,
To the oceans of stars, they wonder,

“What is love?”