ASU By-Election Write-ups

Science Senator

Having studied high school in England, (Ol’ England not the new one…) but being born in Italy has allowed to me to experience diversity and multiculturalism at its finest. These perspectives as well being a student of three faculties of science, (Comp Sci, Engineering, and Mathematics) will give me the ability to truly represent the students in the faculty of science.

Under me, the Faculty of Sciences will have a strong voice to extend their rights and concerns to the rest of the Students’ Union and the corresponding administrative committees. I intend to follow through with every query or suggestion my constituents has and work my upmost on addressing it.

My name is Alphonse Wolfe Mustang and I approve this message.

First Year Officer

Hello fellow Axemen & Axewomen! My name is Dahlia, I’m from Halifax, and I am running for First-Year Officer. In brief, the First-Year Officer is responsible for representing Acadia students in their first year. Other tasks include: organizing first-year events, sitting on ASU committees, and being a part of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) to represent first years. Essentially, I want to be the voice of the unrepresented first years in the midst of the upper years.

Why am I the ideal candidate to represent you? I have been on student council since junior high untill the end of high school. During my senior year, I was elected and served as student body president to represent my school. However, it’s not just experience I have under my wing, but also school spirit, friendliness, and a passion to lead.

So, don’t forget to Vote Dahlia on September 25th or 26th!