President: Senewa Sena

Hi everyone,

My name is Senewa Sena and I am a fourth-year Business student. I am a Kenyan citizen that has spent most of my life living in different countries. Most people wonder why I moved to Acadia of all places, and I do get that question a lot; to the point where I say, “I’m in witness protection,” just to throw people off. The reality is, is that I moved to Acadia because I loved the school from the minute the Acadia international recruiter started talking. I really do love Acadia and I want to make it a great environment in which current and future students will feel comfortable. I believe in helping the student body as a whole; finding new ways in which we could better understand each other by establishing a better communication system between the student body and student leaders.

My Platform:

Power in diversity. Change in Numbers.

Why I am running:

I’m running because I want to make Acadia colorful, creative, and progressive. I’m running to make Acadia a safe space to be who you are. I want students to be imaginative, ambitious, risk takers, and dreamer. Your opinion and voice matters.

The ASU could be used as a platform for voices that are not heard. There are so many people that have a lot to say but have no platform for their ideas to be expressed.


Means your voice will be heard and your ideas matter!