Kody Blois Enters Liberal Nomination Race

Kody Blois from Hants East is the first Liberal to throw his hat in the ring for the nomination for Scott Brison’s old seat of Kings-Hants.

After Brison announced his decision to not seek reelection earlier this year, there is a spot to be filled on the ballot and Kody Blois is prepared to take on the challenge.

Blois, a 28-year-old lawyer in training at McInnis Cooper in Halifax, has expressed his determination to make a difference in the Kings-Hants community.

His determination stems from the leadership experience found in competitive hockey – he used to play for Brock University in Ontario while completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing). His experience within the sport shaped him into the leader he is today. “Sports have truly shaped me as the person I am today, and I’m grateful for it,” he noted.

After transferring from Brock to Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, he completed his degree. He then proceeded to do a Master’s of Public Administration at Dalhousie followed by a law degree at Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law.

Given that Blois is only 28, he has a very keen interest in getting young people involved in politics. “We have this perception that young people simply do not care about politics,” he noted in an interview with The Athenaeum. “But that is only a perception, not a reality.”

In 2017, Blois started a community-based event called Tide Fest. ‘“I guess you can compare Tide Fest to Apple Blossom here in Kings-Hants,” he laughed. He noted that it’s when people come together to really form a sense of community and belonging that real change begins.

Blois strongly emphasized community and volunteerism. He founded both the Sports Heritage Society and the Sports Hall of Fame in Hants East, which were established to recognize members of the community who have made a positive impact. These awards are for coaches, volunteers, and even athletes who have excelled in their sports.

The success of Tide Fest in the past two years resulted in nearly $100,000 raised for charitable causes, with the money given back to the community. Based on his background, Blois strongly believes he can channel his past successes from his home of Hants East to Kings-Hants.

Blois intends to focus on three main priorities in ensuring that the people of Kings-Hants are heard. “We have a strong focus in agriculture and I really want to see this prosper within Kings-Hants,” he said.

He described the importance of vineyards to the regional economy and the need for more investment in the tourism sector. “This is something I’m willing to work towards and invest my dedication into new projects to benefit Kings-Hants.”

“The role of a Member of Parliament is essentially bringing concerns to Ottawa and effectively being a voice for the people.” Blois was drawn to the Liberal Party because of his hard-working background and advocacy for a stronger middle class. However, Blois advocates for doing politics differently and getting concerns heard all over Nova Scotia.

Blois is also dedicated to hearing the concerns of Acadia students. “The need for student involvement is essential to truly making a difference.” As a 28-year-old, only a year out of post-secondary education, Blois believes that he can relate to the needs of students.

Blois will be at The Axe Bar & Grill on Sunday, March 3rd at 3:30 to meet with anyone who is interested in getting involved.