Sustainability Officer: Max Abu-Laban

Hello People!

My name is Max Abu-Laban and I’m a 1st year Environmental & Sustainability Studies student as well as the current Environmental Representative for Cutten House Residence. Acadia University has progressed leaps and bounds over the past few years in terms of on-campus sustainability, but with climate change being the most pressing issue of our generation’s time, I feel that we are just not doing enough. My platform for change is based largely around the problems I observe on a day to day basis, which I know we as a community could solve. Addressing issues such as food waste in meal hall, idling on campus, and wasteful behaviour are all addressable through education, and an environmental awareness seminar in O-Week could help sow those seeds early. The high-minded ideals of my campaign include becoming a “paper-towel free” campus and transitioning away from coal energy and towards renewable energy sources.