President: Ellie Valle

Hey folks of Acadia! My name is Ellie Valle, and I’m running for Students’ Union President. I’m a 4th year Community Development student returning for my 5th year. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, and I’m a proud trans person. I have a long, proven history of supporting students as an RA, an SRA, in various volunteer positions, and with my work in the current ASU President’s office as the Associate Director. I have a passion for representing all Acadia students, and sit on the Governance Committee and Presidential Affairs Committee with the ASU Council.

I am qualified to be your President because I have a documented track record of supporting, fighting for and representing students, and have in-depth knowledge of Acadia, the Students’ Union, and the ASU Presidency. For example, I have been helping to develop a policy to recognize trans and international students’ preferred names, as well as working on student engagement sessions with Community Development students and the current ASU President.

My vision is an Acadia where everyone is valued for their contributions, regardless of whether they’re students, professors, or staff, and where diversity is celebrated. Where we all have equal access to education and where all groups communicate effectively and transparently with each other. I envision an Acadia where students are listened to and empowered, and where all buildings, institutions and spaces are accessible. Where we have the supports that students need for physical and mental health and wellness. Where minorities on this campus don’t feel afraid to be proud of who they are, and don’t feel silenced or looked down upon. We can achieve this together, but we need your engagement, your opinions, and your ideas to help all of us get there. It’s not about being on a team, it’s about the issues. Let’s #GetEngaged.