Student Board of Governors Rep: Dahlia Chahine

Hello to those of you who will actually read this. My name is Dahlia and I am running for Student Board of Governors Representative, or “stubog”. This position is responsible for representing students to the Board of Governors, as well as sitting on the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). Essentially, I want to be the voice of students to the Board and on council. Why am I the ideal candidate to represent you? Because no one else wanted to! Seriously though, I have a passion for student council, seen through the years I have spent on it in high school. This year, I served on SRC as the First Year Officer and volunteered with SMILE. However, it’s not just experience I have under my wing, but also school spirit, friendliness, and a listening ear. Remember: a vote “yes” for Dahlia is a vote to not have a by-election in the fall!