President: Ruvimbo Chipazi

You Talk. I Listen. We Act. 

My name is Ruvimbo Z. Chipazi and I am a 4th year Psychology student. I am running to be your next ASU president. I am a lover of stories and an artist. I have had a lot of opportunities to talk with many students and student service staff, I now want to work together with you to bring about a Student Union that truly reflects the richness of this campus. 

I believe that the ASU needs diversity in ideas, perspectives and values in order to engage more students and foster a more inclusive environment.   

I want to aid in developing better formats for consistent and transparent communication between the University, the Student Union and the student body at large because knowledge truly is power.  

A step in the right direction. A student union representative of student ideas. No voice left unheard. Change ignited by the students, for the students. These are but a few of the principles I hold dear and true. The only way to sustain such values is to continuously work together and strive to make an impact that resonates with the students of Acadia on a personal level. All voices must be heard and respected. Vote Ruvimbo Chipazi for President because I want to be your voice.