VP Events & Promotions: Tanvi Dabas

My name is Tanvi Dabas and I am a third-year Psychology and Nutrition major from Delhi, India. I am running for the role of VP Events and Promotions for the year 2021-22. Acadia has given me many opportunities to take up leadership roles and enhance my skills for this role. I would love to be a part of the ASU as this is a student organization that is run by students and for students and being a part of ASU for the past two years has made me even more motivated to run for this position. The positions I have held as VP of Communications in Tower House Council, International Student Ambassador, and Centre for Global Education Coordinator have helped me in organizing various events that are inclusive to the needs and requirements of all students on campus. I also possess strong social media management skills which is an asset while promoting different events.

The past year has shown us that we are able to adapt to change, however, with the limitation that this pandemic has brought us, being social had become more and more difficult. Moreover, self-isolation and social distancing have created a furthermore negative impact on the mental well-being of students. My goals for the upcoming year as the VP events and promotions would be to focus on creating events focused on student’s mental wellbeing.

Considering the negative impact the pandemic, self-isolation and social distancing have created on the mental health of so many students, I intend on using this position to create more interactive, diverse and entertaining events.

I aim at creating enhanced networking in Acadia to keep the students updated with the events on campus. This will not only create a sense of community/togetherness but also encourage networking at Acadia. Keeping students informed of every event will therefore make the event itself more meaningful.

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Wow love the goals that you have set! Will be supporting you!!