VP Academic & External: Oliver Jacob

Who are you? 

Yo, I’m OJ (Oliver Jacob) and I’m running to be your next VP Academic and External. As a double major student, I am proud to be both a History and Politics student. When I first stepped on campus, I knew that Acadia was the school for me. The people that I have met and the community that has developed around me has shown me that I made an awesome choice. Now, I want to give back to the Acadia community and I am excited to hopefully continue my work with the ASU as your next VP Academic and External.

What experience do you have? 

As a dedicated student leader, I have had the pleasure of working with Acadia Students’ Union and its student leaders since I got here. I joined our ASU student leadership team first as a member of Governance Committee and then as Deputy Chairperson last year. I now serve as Chairperson of the Students’ Representative Council where I lead our Council. It has been my pleasure to dedicate hundreds of hours over the past two years to build a better Acadia for all of our students!

What’s your vision?

My vision for #MovingAcadiaForward focuses on our five external advocacy values – accessibility, affordability, innovation, quality and student voice. With these guiding values for inspiration, we can continue to create positive change here at Acadia University for current and future students. Vote OJ (Oliver Jacob) for VP Academic and External on February 13th and 14th, 2018!