Summer in Wolfville

The school year is coming to an end and for many of us the thought of summer just around the corner is getting us through the final assignments, tests and all-nighters. I’m sure many Acadia students are excited to get home to home cooked meals and someone else doing their laundry but incase you are on the fence about sticking it out in Wolfville for the summer, I’m here to convince you that Wolfville is in fact the best place to be for the next four months. If you endure it in the winter you should enjoy it in the summer. The Valley is beautiful year round but the summer is by far the best. Mostly because you can stay outside for longer than 15 minutes before the cold wind blows you back inside. Besides the balmy weather and stunning views the Wolfville is a bumpin’ spot all season long with events happening every other weekend and lost of stuff happening in between. Here are just some of the shenanigans for you to fantasize about while you try to get through finals.

The first festival of the summer in Wolfville is many people’s favorite weekend of the year. Some would even say it rivals Cheaton and Homecoming for its day filled fun but you didn’t hear that from me. From the parade in Kentville to the Brew Night at the Wolfville Farmers Market, this weekend is almost as filled with live music, and festive fare as the streets of Wolfville.

Mud Creek days is another festival in the valley that is a little dirtier than Apple Blossom. It happens at the end of July every year and is always a great way to celebrate the amazing town we live in. Look forward to the annual Mayor’s bike ride, movie night in Clock Park, FREE pancake breakfasts, art festivals, tennis tournaments, fireworks and throwing a little mud around.

The Valley Summer Theatre is a great way to enjoy the local acting scene at a time when you don’t have a paper due the next morning. This theatre series offers a handful of shows throughout the summer at our beloved Al Whittle Theatre.

Summer is also the time of year to do all the things in Wolfville that you said you were going to do all year that you never got around to, such as seeing a movie at the Al Whittle Theatre. Their array of indie and foreign films are always spot on and the small theatre, community vibe, latte and Muddy’s candy make for a unique movie watching experience.

Also, the KCIC Gardens. I know you haven’t actually been there and I don’t blame you- there isn’t much to see when it is covered in snow. However, it makes for a great walk in the summer.

And would it be summer in the Valley without the Magic Wine Bus Tour? This tour tops the list of touristy things to do in the area and it is absolutely worth it. Stop chugging your wine for once and enjoy the deliciousness this Valley has to offer. With 4 stops you will get to taste some of the best wine in the Valley, grab some lunch and you won’t have to worry about a ride home.  Amazing tour guides make the ride almost as much fun as all the wine sipping.

Speaking of tour guides, Valley Ghost Tours is a spooky way to see Wolfville by night. Your guide Jerome is both hilarious and informative, sharing a little bit about the town’s history- both ghost-like and not.

Uncommon Art is a unique way to tour the Valley and seek out some hidden gems in the area. Pick up an Uncommon Art map at the Wolfville Visitors Centre, opening May 1st, and follow it to all the art installations through out the valley.

Hiking is another thing not to miss in the area. Cape Split is a classic and you can’t beat the view at the top. Blomidon Provincial Park isn’t too much further and also offers great hiking trails.

The valley is the perfect spot for picnics in the summer. The Grand Pre look-off and Willow Park are both great places to hang out with a sandwich and a blanket.

For the runner and bikers- yes the trails along the dykes do dry up and yes they are more fun to run/bike on when there isn’t an inch of mud and the ocean breeze isn’t biting.

Three Pools is another spot that must be on your list. Follow the path until you get to the pipe then follow the pipe until you get to the path and then go down the hill and you can’t miss the waterfalls. This is a great spot for swimming and jumping and pretending you are in the tropics. Now I would tell you how to get to this legendary secret spot but then you would miss out on the fun of asking a local for directions.

Tubing down the Gasperau River is one activity in Wolfville that I cannot claim to have enjoyed. The timing has just never worked out it seems and it is quiet a shame because everything about floating down a river in a tube with a beer in my hand sounds fantastic – other than the cows crossing mid-river but I’m sure I can overlook that.

Miners Marsh in Kentville is a great spot to bring your summer fling for a romantic walk around the duck pond.

Ah yes and Paddy’s on a Monday night is a staple. It’s a whole new vibe once the students roll out and the music turns up.

Lumsdon’s Beach is a great place to hit up for water that isn’t too cold to swim in (its fresh water) and a spot to kick back. Again, I would tell you where it is but making you ask is so much more fun.

Another thing that can’t slip your list is the Wolfville Farmers Market. I know you have probably been there before but the summer is a whole new market. The vendors move outside, the local music talent gets louder and the tourists just add to the buzz.

There are probably a hundred things I missed on this list but I didn’t want to overwhelm you, and if I did you can always head up to the reservoir, another great spot to cool off.  I know that jobs are tight and dad’s cooking is great but its time to fly the nest little birdie. Because let’s face it: only moving out for 8 months of the year isn’t moving out at all. And there is nowhere better to test your wings than Wolfville in the summer.