Strong strike authorization vote from Acadia Faculty

The faculty at Acadia University has voted overwhelmingly in favour of giving its union, the Acadia  University Faculty Association (AUFA), a strong strike mandate. In a vote this week, 90% of members of the bargaining unit cast ballots, with 94% of those voters authorizing a strike mandate to support their bargaining team.

This vote should send a clear message to the Board of Governors at Acadia University that it needs to support Acadia’s future and strategic plan by prioritizing, valuing, and investing in faculty,” said AUFA President Andrew Biro. “Our members are determined to get a fair and equitable agreement.”
After delaying the opening of negotiations for two months so that talks started in July rather than May, the Board team abruptly walked away from the bargaining table on November 2 without responding to many of AUFA’s initial proposals, declaring an impasse and filing for conciliation. “We were surprised and disappointed that they took this step,” Biro observed. Many substantial issues remain on the table, including the need for the employer to improve working conditions by committing to:
  • a cluster/group hire of Indigenous scholars
  • a stable number of fulltime faculty to preserve Acadia’s quality educational experience
  • improved security, benefits, and wages for parttime faculty
  • a salary that keeps up with the cost of living

    “We need the Board to show a genuine commitment to the university’s academic mission. A fair and equitable collective agreement is key to this mission. It will ensure good working conditions that allow us to attract and keep excellent faculty who in turn attract and teach our excellent students,” said Biro, “The faculty association would like to avoid job action, but we are serious that we need the Board to engage in meaningful negotiation. Productive bargaining requires two committed parties.”

    AUFA is calling on the Board to return to the table with the help of the provincial conciliator in order to reach a fair settlement.

    The Acadia University Faculty Association is the certified bargaining agent for 350 fulltime and parttime professors, librarians, archivists, and instructors at Acadia University. Follow us on Twitter (@AcadiaFaculty) for further information and updates.


    Jon Saklofske

    Spokesperson, Acadia University Faculty Association

    Phone: 9025991091