The Sin Is In The Sandwich

According to inspection reports provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture Food Protection and Enforcement Division, Wheelock Dining Hall has violated several standards in food safety. On February 24, 2016, a notice to comply was given for the lack of sneeze guards used on the pizza preparation table and behind the counter. Mold was discovered during one of the shelves in the basement walk-in cooler. In fact, several dairy walk-in cooler racks and carts were found to be unclean in general. Foods required to be stored at low temperatures had to be thrown out, as it was sitting out for more than four hours. Hot held foods were not maintained at the minimum temperature required for the holding units.

A follow-up inspection on March 4 concluded that all of the previous deficiencies were remedied save for the lack of sneeze guards used. NS Food Inspections can be found at: <>.