Equity Officer: Kate Hamre

My name is Kate Hamre and I am a third-year Kinesiology student from Fredericton, New Brunswick. You might have seen me on campus, around Wolfville or know me through the various societies’ and volunteering programs I have been involved with during my time at Acadia such as: S.M.I.L.E, Kinderskills, ASK, Acadia Ambassadors and the House Council Executive. Now I want to take my involvement in Acadia’s community a step further by running to be your Equity Officer for the 2018-2019 academic year. I recognize the increasing diversity on our campus and wish to ensure that the Acadia Students’ Union is conscious, and accommodating to the students’ needs regarding equity and accessibility. If I am elected, I want to create a community where everyone can succeed, where individuals are not bound but celebrated by the things that make them unique and a community where everyone has a voice that is heard.