Vice President Events & Promotions: Caitlin Steacy

Hello Acadia!

My name is Caitlin Steacy, and I am a second year Politics major, from Vancouver BC. I am running for Vice President Events & Promotions in the upcoming ASU election. I’m super excited to be running for an executive position, because I think I could be a great addition and I want to really improve student enjoyment on campus! This past year, I have had the position of Vice Presidents of Events in Cutten House. This position has given me the experience, and excitement to want to do events for all of campus.

I feel that I could successfully improve promotion of all events on campus, so that all students can stay informed, and never miss out on an event they would have loved. We all know that social media is where the majority of our generation gets their information, so a stronger, more interactive presence on multiple is super important! Not just on Facebook anymore.
Although Acadia is clearly a school that loves to get rowdy, I feel it’s important for the ASU to increase focus on events that interest students who may not be the wild type. Dry events, or other opportunities for a more relaxed experience is necessary.
There is also an absence of international student representation within events on campus. Although the events are happening, stronger promotion through the ASU is needed to increase attendance at them and therefore, diversity on campus!