Vice President Student Life: Dahlia Chahine

My name is Dahlia, I’m in second year business, and I am running for your VP Student Life. Apart from being the past First Year Officer and current Student Board of Governors Representative, you can often find me cruising around Chase Court, rocking the RA fanny pack. Throughout my time being involved with the ASU and Residence Life, I have gained experience working with a diverse student body, planning and organizing events, as well as working closely with House Council and Residence Life. I have also been able to sit on the Student Life Committee, Events and Promotions Committee, Academic Affairs, and the Governance Committee for the University. But, enough of the past! My platform revolves around maintaining communication, representation, and accessibility on campus, with the overall goal of promoting an inclusive environment beyond the classroom. I want to push for a more inclusive health and wellness network on campus; making sure students are aware of the resources on campus and in town when they are looking for support. Further, it is extremely important that the ASU listens to the voices of students, and ensures that the university hears those voices when we represent them, especially for Indigenous peoples, minority groups, and underrepresented students. With my experience and love for the ASU, I believe that I can best serve you as VP Student Life.

I love Acadia and hope you share the love by voting this Valentine’s Day (or before!).