Vice President Student Life: Robbie Holmes

My name is Robbie Holmes and I am excited to say I am running for Vice President of Student Life for the 2019-2020 academic year! In high school I was an elected co-president and currently am president of Cutten House, these roles are great experience for a position like this. My campaign points focus on things such as sustainability, communication, making changes to training week and more!

These are not just ideas, I have real plans on how to put these changes in place! In regards to sustainability I promise to do things such as put a bin for electronic waste in every building and add responsibilities to environmental representatives. To improve communications I promise to add responsibilities to the house council team, focussing heavily on communication and begin bi-weekly communication with Chartwells. The changes I plan to incorporate are the addition of a pride representative who will communicate with Acadia Pride and ensuring the health & wellness representatives communicate with Acadia Mental Health. Regarding training week, I promise to add training with Naloxone kits, these kits stop overdoses in their path and RAs are not trained to use them. Finally, I promise to incorporate more team building between RAs and HC Executives. When these teams improve so does student life.

I am confident I will do a fantastic in this position, if you would like to learn more follow my campaign on instagram @Robbie4VPSL. When you go to vote on Monday February 11th ensure you vote for Robbie Holmes.