Vice President Events & Promotions: Gabrielle Bailey

After an incredible year with the ASU, I have decided to seek re-election for Vice President Events & Promotions! It has been an incredible growth opportunity and provided me with a platform to advocate for students and give them the experiences and information that they need to be successful, whatever their definition of success is. VPEP is a role that gives you the ability to execute the things that Acadia students will remember for the rest of their lives. The experiences, the memories, the friends you make, the jobs you get, the things you see, the annoying emails you receive.

Moving forward, I know that effective communication, networking, and collaboration among all groups and parties within the Acadia community is key to growth and success. Taking that concept and applying it with creativity, enthusiasm, and adapting based on experience and the ever-changing environment, will be at the forefront of my term in office. The Acadia community is both strong and spirited, thriving in tradition and innovation, making it versatile and steadfast. At Acadia, we have many brilliant minds, cultures, skills, niches, and ideas. We must continually expand upon this, evolve as things change around us, and always keep the Acadia feeling alive not just within us, but the students to come.