VP Academic & External: Makenzie Branch

Hi there Acadia friends,

I’m excited to announce that I will be running for Vice President Academic and External at Acadia for this upcoming school year! I am an outgoing, passionate and driven person who is ready to champion the problems and concerns of every Acadia student. It is imperative that resources and education at Acadia are of the upmost quality. I look forward to working with the institution to ensure that important things like mental and sexual health resources are easily accessible for students campus wide, and that the rights of every student are respected by professors. Another goal I intend to achieve is to increase accessible education for students at Acadia via our external partnerships with other academic institutions through partnerships like the Maple League. I also believe that the date for withdrawing from a course and receiving a ‘W’ should be pushed closer to exams as many students are often treated unfairly as they do not have enough time in the current system to determine if a course is the right option for them. Over my four years at Acadia, I have taken on several new challenges working for different clubs and programs all allowing my love for working with and for students to grow exponentially! I would be thrilled to represent the Acadia student population on both a provincial and national scale if elected Vice President Academic and External!