VP Events & Promotions: Sheetal Sehgal

Hey Acadia,

I am Sheetal Sehgal, a second year, Business student thriving hard not only to get good grades but also some co-curricular activities to enhance my personality, public relations, communication skills and a fun life. I am standing for the position of “VP Events and Promotions” because I feel like I want to upgrade my game to one level up in this fun field. In my High school, I participated in a lot of school committees.  I was always participating in singing competitions and I got my singing lessons done by Indian Idol academy. I also choreographed a mime performance in my school for which I got an award too. I had my own dance academy in India for all age groups. So, I have experience of dealing with all age groups and make healthy connections.

I have some experience of teaching also as I was teaching in an NGO “Noble Foundation” to slum kids for the betterment of the rural and poverty-stricken society. Now that I have a sort of experience in this field, I want to step up my game and start participating and indulging in university. AS a VP events and promotions, I vow to do all my homework, just kidding, I cannot do that. But what I can do is be the voice you want and help students have a nice year with great events. I will introduce ideas for events, and we will work through volunteer work.  I want to be that friendly face for new students coming in and a defender for students already here. So, it will be awesome and helpful if you can vote for me.