Annapolis Cider Company’s “Something Different” Review: Muscat Mojito

The Muscat Mojito edition of the Annapolis Cider Company’s “Something Different” is a tart and unique ride. On the nose, it’s similar to sweet vermouth with notes of blackcurrant and strawberry. Upon tasting it, the Muscat grapes are front and centre showing off their tart, berry-like kick. Soon after, the lime emerges with a zesty freshness balancing out the flavour of the grape. The alcohol in this drink is slightly more prevalent than in most ciders that I have had. It is by no means unpleasant but, as the name would suggest, its something different. After swallowing, the slightly sour lime remains on the palate as well as new subtle mint flavour. I was personally expecting more mint from this drink, but it was nonetheless very enjoyable and even sophisticated. 3.5/5

Adrian Filice is a 3rd year Philosophy major 

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Great idea. Can’t wait for more of these!