The alt-nah

A silent political fringe so low-key they’ve never actually been classified. Enter, the alt-nah…

Typically, nobody would actually identify as being part of the alt-nah because politics is just…nah. Hillary being crooked? Nah. Trump being… I don’t have enough words to finish that description? Nah. Having a voice in a country full of voices? Nah.
Leaders within this hidden movement come in many forms. Perhaps one of the most wiry of the bunch is MMA fighter, Conor McGregor. In perfect alt-nah fashion, he leads this movement with pointed tweets like “Fuck politics and fuck religion. I just want to swing a few lefts and a few rights for a couple of hundred mil in peace”. Essentially his followers interpret this as live your life and don’t give a fuck about anything that affects your surroundings.
Common phrases found within the movement include everything from a laissez-faire attitude that “politicians can’t do anything for me anyway” or “the system is entirely corrupt”. Typically, all these quotes can be chalked down to “not like it makes a difference anyway”.
Surprisingly, the alt-nah does act consistently within the political system regardless. The most common example of this is in voting. This is perhaps the most exciting point throughout the year that the alt-nah gets to tout the fact that “their vote doesn’t matter anyway”. Not like any votes counted in the last US election or anything or the PC leadership race…
You may be asking yourself, how does one join the alt-nah? Well, if you’re tired of the system not working for you, if you don’t really give a sh*t whether its Tommy Tea party taking your money and spending it on blow or Tammy the nanny giving your hard earned dollars to everyone else, you’re in luck. All it takes is a lack of shits to give and a few baseless quotes and you too can help!