The New Zayn

I haven’t been the biggest fan of One Direction. I always felt that their music was a bit juvenile for me, but I do appreciate them as musicians. For those who don’t know One Direction – they are a British boy band that have gained major popularity by singing pop music that is catered to women. Some of their famous hits include “Best Song Ever,” “Steal My Girl,” “Story of My Life,” and “What Makes You Beautiful.” When the band started in 2010, there were five members: Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, but as of last year there are down to four.

Zayn Malik left the band on his own terms saying that he wanted to create his own music for a more mature audience. He made a point to say that the music that One Direction creates is for children, not adults. With Malik leaving so drastically, a lot of the band was left shocked and questioned why he made this decision. I even questioned it and I wasn’t a One Direction fan. A few weeks after Zayn left One Direction, he stated that he will be releasing his own album very soon. Early this year Zayn dropped Mind of Mine, its first single entitled “Pillow Talk.”

At first I was skeptical about “Pillow Talk,” but after listening to it a few times, it really grew on me. Malik’s new sound is completely different than One Direction’s sound. His new music is sexy, slow, and soulful. It is very similar to some of the great R&B artists like Usher, Chris Brown, and August Alsina. “Pillow Talk” may be mature because of its lyrics, but the music behind the vocals also has a different sound than One Direction. I love that his music is more expressive of his vocal talent than when he had to share the spotlight with One Direction.

My favorite song in Malik’s new album is “It’s You.” This track is a declaration of the one he loved and lost (some say that it’s about his ex-fiancé Perrie Edwards from Little Mix). The music video has an old Hollywood feel and the actress even looks like Edwards. The music video tells a story of how he had the one he loved in sight, but at the end of the music video it shows how she left without him. “It’s You” is his second single and it opens up what might have happened to him and Edwards.

In conclusion, I love Zayn Malik’s new music. He has really grown up and found his sound. His music is versatile and can be heard anywhere. You can listen to his songs while you study, hang with friends, or when you’re on a date. Malik’s music makes me feel sexy and want to slow dance. I am no music expert, but as an artist he has revolutionized music. How often does an ex-band member succeed in music while his old band is still together? Before I go, I dare you to listen to Malik’s new music.