Acadia University Art Gallery’s current exhibition, “Emptying Landscapes: An Altered Place”

(Photo) Bob Hainstock, New Landscapes #170401, (The Rural-Urban Divide), Mixed Media on Rust Collagraph Print. Copyright: Bob Hainstock. Not to be copied without artist’s permission.

The exhibition, “Emptying Landscapes: An Altered Place”, presents work by Nova Scotia artist Bob Hainstock. The artist explores shifting rural landscapes that have been subjected to human, environmental and social alterations. First seeing Hainstock’s work, the viewer may be struck by the aesthetic treatment of the landscape, or of the visible mark-making inherent in the printmaking process. Underlying the work, however, is the way in which landscape is an important social site in which we impose our associations, history, and cultural values on the land. The images of abandoned villages, decaying barns, the scorched earth from mining and lumber speak simultaneously to the wreckage of human intervention and the aesthetic found in decay. Each work in the exhibition has its own importance and symbolism yet relates to the others around it. The work depicted here, for example, strongly represents the urban/rural divide; the land once used and now destroyed vs the land now inhabited and altered.  

 If you are interested in learning more about the current exhibition, visit the gallery from Tuesday-Sunday 12-4pm and Wednesdays 12-7pm. We look forward to seeing you!  


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