Photo taken in the Mt. Cotopaxi Highlands by Robin Lawson

The millennial generation, the next generation to inherit the responsibility of taking care of the planet, faces the greatest challenges ever encountered by humankind. The collective advancement of humanity since our species arrival has led to our current predicament. Modern environmental destruction, biodiversity loss, social and political unrest, and wealth inequality are all issues that have been building up and unfolding for generations but now seem to plague our everyday lives. Continue Reading

Last Ever Brew Review: Nine Lock ESB


The beer pours an amber brown, like contaminated water but much tastier. On the nose there are hints of light caramel, and a mild nutty/oaky kind of scent. The mouthfeel is standard and inoffensive, with some pesky bitterness poking its head through. There is a slight unpleasant sourness to the beer but I’m sure if I was much drunker I’d mind it less, like being at the Vil or watching live folk. Continue Reading