Burning Talent at Acadia

As we say goodbye to the warm, inviting evenings of summer and hello to the biting, chilly evenings of fall, our lives change a little bit to adjust to the upcoming season. A favourite way by many of us to combat the brisk winds of Autumn and to celebrate the season of rosey cheeks is enjoying the comforting glow of a bonfire. Just picture this scene: the bright glow illuminating the darkness around you, the crackle of burning wood, the warmth reaching toward your hands, the smell of the smoke, even the less than pleasant sting the smoke leaves in your eyes. Now, for Acadia’s Theatre Society, that pretty picture in your mind will have to suffice because unfortunately, King’s County placed a fire ban over the area the very day their performances by the fire were supposed to take place. However, a little fire ban did not deter these beautifully talented artists, and with imagined embers burning in everyone’s hearts rather than a fire pit, the show still went on.

Despite the fact that this was an event put on by the Acadia Theatre Society, the invitation was happily extended to anyone regardless of their disciplines. Performance talent, as has been proven by the acts of every participant, does not run only through the walls of the Arts program. Even a furry, four-legged friend was enticed by beautiful words of song, spoken word, legend, stand-up comedy, and the musical melodies of guitars, ukuleles, and a didgeridoo. There is so much talent alive within the borders of our campus, and it is important to recognize the courage it takes to expose yourself in front of your peers. There is no better way to recognize it than to attend their performances.

Something a lot of people don’t really realize is that by watching someone share their art with you, you can see their passion and you can feel goosebumps when a certain song, poem, or story really resonates with you. You feel it in a way unlike the feeling of just reading the words on the paper. There is something about witnessing a performance that portrays a special kind of allure to the art. Most people would not expect this, so it might be worth it to see if you surprise yourself.

With crisp air rushing through the nose and a golden sunset fading into a dark, peaceful night, the words came to an end and it was time for the event to draw to a close. A final performance was addressed to first year students, and it can not be expressed enough how true that spoken word poem rings. Get out and experience the uniqueness this small town has to offer. You will not get another chance like the chance you’re given every day at Acadia University to do something you might not normally do. You might even discover a new love or a new niche, but there is only one way to find out.