The Secret Garden

His sins do you confess them?
No I keep them.
To some a peculiar matter
for wife
and husband, but
          the summer I was sixteen
thirty-two years after
the summer my sister was sixteen
what to do when daughters
and fathers
          for he was surely a different man then
live as equals? Words unbound
I know now how it was unfair
but at the same time–
          he was never my hero,
          always just another man
          slowly sowing another garden
          to make up for his paradise lost.
I keep my own secret garden,
and his too.
It made us closer.
(It made us the same person.)
But now I cannot tell apart bruised blooms
                                          mine or my father’s
so I will keep these, too;
in the same small box
as his gold cufflinks, and that chip of gravel
from another life.