Rewriting Sex Appeal

Dressing sexy no longer means bearing it all. The fashion industry of 2015 will show you that celebs and models are layering up, stepping out on the catwalk with little makeup and we still find ourselves praising them as stunning and sexy. This is something to celebrate. The industry has taken a 180-degree turn from more-makeup, less-clothes to a less-makeup, more-clothes kind of sexy. An example from the sex appeal queen herself, are Kim K’s bodycon dresses and skirts, which flaunt her curves while showing little skin.

Choosing what skin to show:

A good rule of thumb is choosing one body part you want to flaunt. Showing off too much skin leaves little mystery and lets face it, temperatures are dropping. If you are wearing a low cut top to reveal some cleavage, stay modest on the bottom with always-flattering black skinnies. A personal favorite (that anyone can rock) are open back tops. Backless tops are a more casual and modest option that can be worn in a tonne of different settings. When it comes to showing off your legs, stay mindful of the rule above. Often, short skirts or dresses are paired with crop tops and cleavage, which defers from the sex appeal. Opt for short dresses with a high collar or long sleeves and emphasize your legs with heels or booties. And don’t forget the trendy #tastefulsideboob. Popular among women with smaller breasts, this trend is super sexy and draws attention when the rest of your skin is covered.

Tastefully showing your undergarments:

I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a female with a low-cut camisole, which showed her entire bra. A fashion choice that I can assume derived from the peek-a-boo trend of lace bralettes under camisoles. Lace bralettes have become a go-to necessity to wear under thin camis or loose tanks. The difference between showing off a push-up bra and a bralette can be the determinant in having a “wtf is she wearing” moment. That being said, bralettes unfortunately don’t give all women the support they need. If wearing a bra is a must, remember backless tops are a perfect chance to leave a hint of what you’re wearing underneath.

Of course, fashion trends don’t work for everyone. One of the ultimate ways to dress sexy is to wear form-fitting pieces that accentuate your best features (yes, everyone has them). Dressing for your body type will be a lifelong struggle for anyone who isn’t a VS angel. But remember ladies, the sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence. If it doesn’t make you feel confident as fuck, leave it on the floor.