Introducing the Candidates for Councillor of Wolfville

As promised in the previous issue, I would like to introduce you to the candidates running for Councilor in the upcoming Municipal Election. They have all answered the same question in an effort to tell you, the student residents of Wolfville, about their platform and why they deserve your vote. The question they were asked is: What is the most important reason that students should vote in the upcoming municipal election and why should that vote be for you? 


Oonagh Proudfoot

Currently: Senior Alumni Officer, Alumni Affairs; Part-time Lecturer, Kinesiology; Acadia University

[Students should vote] because they are a part of this community. [Students should vote for me because] each student is permitted six votes as there are six seats. Those six votes should go to the six people (of the ten) that the student believes can contribute to a meaningful conversation about each of the issues that are brought forward to the council for review, discussion and decision.


Wendy Donovan 

Currently: Deputy Mayor Town of Wolfville; Recreation Planner/Owner Recreation & Library Consulting Firm

Formerly: Municipal Recreation Planner Cities of North York and Burlington ON; Recreation Planning Consultant to municipalities across Canada

Municipal councils establish policies, the budget being the most significant, that govern how taxpayers’ money is spent, e.g., are there recreation programs, which roads are most in need of maintenance, what streets have sidewalks, what events receive Town support, how is land zoned, where are parks. Council policies create the type of Town Wolfville will be – now and into the future.

A few years ago Acadia students created a Word Cloud of reasons they choose Acadia. COMMUNITY was the most frequent word. Students said programs like SMILE, the small town feel, festivals and events, contribute to this sense of community. Many policies take years to bear fruit, and voters need to consider how decisions will play out over the longer term. Your vote contributes to the kind of community you would like to live in now, as well as after graduation. I would like a Wolfville where students want to remain long after graduation.

I support policies that contribute to: safe and affordable housing, neighbourhoods where all residents feel they belong, fair partnerships with business, institutions and organizations, managed growth and infrastructure renewal, and opportunities for residents to enjoy the things Acadia students say brought them to Wolfville.


Wil Lang

Currently: Co-Owner/Operator, Troy Restaurant, Member of Wolfville Town and Gown Committee, Member of Town of Wolfville Design Review Committee

Formerly: Committee Vise President – Wolfville Business Development Corporation,

President of Wolfville Business Development Corporation,

For me it is all about embracing your voice. The Acadia community is why Wolfville is where it’s at! That fact is something that needs to be embraced by this town! As an Acadia Alumni who has chosen to make Wolfville my home, I want to see more opportunities for Acadia students to make the same decision. Whether that means staying to work for the summer in between school years or staying after graduation to start your own business, Wolfville needs to provide the opportunities that make staying viable and exciting!

Originally from Banff, Alberta, I first came to Wolfville to attend Acadia University in 2005. After leaving to complete my Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Calgary, I chose to return to Wolfville with my two young boys to raise them in what I truly believe to be one of the great communities in our country!

I have resided in the downtown core since returning to Wolfville and I am the Co-owner and operator of Troy Restaurant. I see an exciting future for Wolfville and I will be passionate and dedicated to helping us achieve it together! I ask for your vote on October 15th!


Hayden McKee


Being both a recent Acadia Grad and a current Acadia student I can perhaps relate better than any candidate to the plight and feelings of many students. Acadia students make up an important part of the future of this great country and this great town of Wolfville – they are the ones able to stand up and make a difference if they so choose. When they do rally behind a cause their voice can drown all opposition out and their power is deafening. In this election students can vote for the first time, in a long time, for one of their own, some one they can relate with and feel at ease bringing their issue to. Because the same issues that effect many students are also experienced by myself. I believe it is high time that the students of Acadia University once again have a voice on town council, and I would be humbled and honored if they choose me to represent them. It is my hope this Oct 6th -11th and 15th they vote for change, vote for the future.


Jodi MacKay 

Currently: Office/Finance Manager in the health care sector.


I feel strongly that students should vote because they can contribute to their communities in a tangible way. Knowing who your community’s government officials are is valuable, as they are making decisions that impact your daily life. Decisions on planning, housing, bylaws, and safety all have a direct effect on your days, and you can contribute by voting for the policy makers you believe in. Wolfville is a vibrant, active university town and I appreciate Acadia students taking the time to contribute to our community. I believe a community is made up of and can only thrive if we have a varied demographic, as we all have something to contribute. I believe we can all coexist and lend our strengths to enhance our community. I have an open mind and am committed to lifelong learning. Positive change and innovation are two of my favorite things. It never ceases to amaze me what our next generations can do! More details about myself and what to look for in a candidate can be found on my Facebook page: Elect Jodi MacKay as Town Councillor – Wolfville.


Mercedes Brian


Everyone should vote in the municipal election, especially under-represented students. It’s your chance to influence the grassroots level of government regarding issues like water quality, roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, fire protection, recreation opportunities, growing local jobs, having safe, affordable housing, an effective, respectful, police presence, lively festivals, … I can go on! My love for Wolfville and Acadia began when I stepped off the train in 1978. Now I am a married mother of four young adults, an artisan fermented food and drink producer, and a huge fan of outdoor recreation, local food, and local culture. A vote for me is a vote for experience and enthusiasm. As a councilor, I volunteered for hard work. I chaired the Planning Committee and continue to be a member. I chair the inter-municipal Kings Transit Board (we now have on-board Wi-fi and a new route through Port Williams). I chair the Audit Committee, where we have the first and detailed look at Wolfville’s finances. I’m also a member of the Source Water Protection Committee and attend the Environmental Sustainability Committee, which speaks to my commitment to clean air, pure water, healthy soil, and addressing climate change through alternative energy strategies and efficiencies.


Carl Oldham


My name is councilor Carl Oldham. I have lived in the Town of Wolfville for the last twenty years. I am also a business man, owner of the Carl’s Independent grocery store, with my son, Carl Jr. I have been a councilor for the last eight years in the Town of Wolfville, and I sit on a number of committees. I bring lots of experience to the town with my last eight years on the town council. I am also very active in the community, taking on lots of volunteer work. For example: Wolfville Lions Club, Mud Creek Rotary Club, Wolfville School, Wolfville Food Bank. Our store sponsors many events and teams at Acadia University. These include the hockey team, football team, and the girls’ rugby team. I am a very community-minded person who cares about his community. I love the energy that Acadia University brings to the town. I would love your support on October 15th.



Adam Fraser


Four years ago my wife and I moved to Wolfville to start a family.  We wanted to be part of a growing, vibrant, and young town. Part of the appeal of Wolfville is having Acadia University on our doorstep. Having a regular influx of young, motivated, and educated people is part of what makes our town so special; however, I have found that sometimes a friction exists between full-time residents and students.  This has resulted in discussions about the town “cracking down” on students and talks of additional by-laws regarding student housing and noise. It is almost like the town council has forgotten that you are residents as well. It is my goal to work with our university and its students to create solutions rather than focusing on restricting by-laws and enforcement. I think that it is time for some new, young minds to be part of the discussion. It is time for a fresh perspective. I encourage you all to take the time to cast your vote on October 15th, and start being part of the discussion.


Wendy Elliot 


Acadia students living in Wolfville have the right to vote in the upcoming municipal election. I urge all students to consider voting on October 6 at the advance poll, or on election day October 15. Municipal government is the closest government to all of us (next in line to the ASU for students) and impacts our lives here every day; it’s where we as voters can have a real impact by paying attention to the issues of local government. Balancing “Town and Gown” concerns are no less important than when I graduated from Acadia. In fact, finding a mutually-beneficial blend for sustaining both populations is absolutely vital to the future of the Town and the University. We are linked in many important ways and each needs to make the effort to understand the other. I have been covering Wolfville town politics since 1980 as a reporter for the local newspaper, now the Valley Journal Advertiser (I used to be a staffer on the Atheneum while at Acadia). Being a good listener and a long time resident, my motivation for running for council is to help broker better understanding.


These are your candidates for councilor in this municipal election. Now all you have to do is decide which six best represent your values and hopes for the town of Wolfville. Advance polls are at the Student Union at 8:00pm, see you all there!