What You Can Do From Home to Support Ukraine

On February 24th, Putin made the decision to launch a full-scale invasion in Ukraine. This war has shaken the world, especially since it has been considered to be the biggest war in Europe since WWII. The impact that has been made has been shown all over social media on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even Tik Tok. By showing the devastation of the ongoing war, it also allows for ways in which people from home can help and contribute towards the ongoing, intense, and highly devastating situation. 

One of the ways that people can help from home if they are able is to donate money in support to Ukraine and Ukrainians. Since the war started, different charities and organizations have been posted on social media for people to see on platforms like Instagram. These organizations include Nova Ukraine, Ukrainian Red Cross, Canada-Ukraine Foundation, UNICEF Ukraine and so many more who will take whatever a person can contribute. 

The second way a person could contribute to the support of Ukraine is to leave home and publicly show support for them. People from all over the world have been publicly voicing their opinions by taking it to the streets in peaceful protests and marches where everyone can come together. For students and community members in Wolfville, there are usually people in Clock Park downtown who stand in support with the colours of the Ukraine and with signs that show they care.  

The last way that someone can contribute to raise support for Ukrainians is by simply posting it and raising awareness about what is going on at the moment. Social media has proven to be a place where everyone shares everything and the war on Ukraine has been posted everywhere, allowing people to become more educated on what can be done to help them, but also what is happening and why.





Source: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/3/23/timeline-a-month-of-war-in-ukraine