Confessions: The Sex Edition

Personally, I have acquired a sense of humor for embarrassing events. Embarrassing events that are shared publicly as well as for those shared privately. For this month’s issue, I figured it would be candid to find stories from anonymous individuals willing to publically share their embarrassing and humorous sex stories. The purpose of this confessional is to shed light and normalize the typically awkward topic of sex, as well as the embarrassing moments that often come with it!

Mattresses Are Just For Camping

I was hooking up with someone on a blow-up mattress and needless to say it was extremely loud and all of his roommates heard” (Female, 22)

Awkward Innocence

The first time I tried “doggy style” I had to stop and ask if it was anal because I wasn’t sure what to do.” (Female, 20)

Friends With Benefits?

I hooked up with someone, but when I met her it was dark. I had to leave early in the morning so I did not get to see who she was. A few weeks later I was chatting with her at a coffee shop and my friend later informed me that she was the girl I had hooked up with – awkward!” (Male, 22)

You Are Not My Personal Trainer

I was told to “push myself” while giving head. All I could think was no thanks, I am not your personal trainer.” (Female, 21)

I’ll Knock Next Time

I needed something from my mom so I went into her room. Let’s just say it was poor timing and I saw more than I ever wanted to.” (Male, 24)

Grapefruits Are Just For Eating

After learning about the hilariously educational grapefruit method, my boyfriend and I decided to give it a shot. I could barely keep it together while I cut out a hole in the fruit, to be used while performing oral sex on my boyfriend. While a good idea in theory, the actual execution of the method was a total fail considering we couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.” (Female, 22)

Strobe Lights Are Not a Girl’s Best Friend

I was hooking up with a guy. He had strobe lights flashing and Eminem blasting the entire time. Needless to say I got out of there as quickly as I could.” (Female, 19)