So… Halloween is over. That means Christmas is here! And it’s the best holiday of the year no matter what anyone says! Here are the reasons why:  

#1: The Most Beautiful of Ugly Sweaters. Ok, so you may think this reason is here because you’ve got to show your appreciation for your older relative who probably made you a sweater because she has no sense of what you really want for Christmas right? WRONG! These things have become an almost iconic symbol of Christmas itself. If a relative or friend gives you one of these then thank them as that ugly sweater is now a beauty for all to see.  

#2: Cookies, Milk, and a Gingerbread House: These Are a Few of my Favorite Things! Everyone on planet Earth loves free food, especially sweets. So while Halloween has Christmas beat in the candy department, nothing beats homemade baked goods. From brownies to gingerbread houses this is pretty good reason to like Christmas itself as baked goods fill your home. 

#3 Santa Claus: Friendliest Home Invader Who Gives You Things Instead of Taking Them 

For those of us now in our twenties (or closing in on them), the idea of Santa Claus now seems silly. But, I’m sure those who have a younger sibling have noticed the smile across their face when they receive a visit from their favourite visitor: Santa Claus. While this figure is a myth, this is probably the main reason why Christmas is such a joy every year, whether there is a kid or you are a kid. The reaction to the big man in the red suit is priceless.  

#4 Presents…Presents Everywhere 

Remember how I said that ugly sweaters were an icon Christmas? I take that back. Presents are the icon of Christmas. This is a thing that happens every year, and pretty much to everyone. Nothing more to say other than it’s awesome for getting free stuff. 

#5 That Felling That It Happens Once a Year 

This is probably the most important point on this list. For it’s only in December that everyone (in North America at least) gets together for this holiday. Whether it is with friends or family, this only happens once a year. So it is best to enjoy it as it only occurs on one day, December 25th