Monday Motivation

‘I’m just trying to be everything my 13 year old self thought I would be!

I remember sitting on my bedroom floor dreaming about what life would be when I was 20.

I wanted to be a doctor.

I wanted to do nothing with business #sciencelife

I wanted to have the biggest friend group ever.

I would finally get those abs I wanted.

Maybe I could rock a swimsuit someday.

I’m 20 now.

I’m working to be a doctor every day.

I started my own business, too #notonlythesciencelife

I have the biggest, most supportive friend group ever.

I’m the closest I have ever been to those abs.

For the first time ever, I’m confident in swimsuits now.

“Success” was a different definition when I was 13.

Now, “success” is making myself proud every single day.

Now, “success” is being 1% better every single day.

Now, “success” is creating a life I’m happy in.

FRIEND – 13 year old you had dreams for you. Make them proud.’