ASU By-Election Candidates

Councilor – Danish Mohammed

Hello Acadia Community!!

My name is Danish Mohammed and I am currently a 4th year computer science major! I hope most of you have seen me around campus (either in library or in the ASU lol)!

For the past 2.5 years I have been apart of the Acadia Students’ Union (ASU). I would love to continue my involvement with this amazing organization and campus community! In order to achieve that goal, I will need your help in this upcoming ASU Fall-By Election!

I will be running for Councillor of the ASU as I think this position suits my agenda of maintaining and engaging students of Acadia with the ASU activities and services!

So don’t forget to vote for me this election 🙂

Look forward to connecting with you all soon. Cheers!!!


First Year Representative – Tyron Lewes

I intent to represent the Acadia students in their first year of studies, carry out my duties and be responsible for other duties as assigned by the council and act as a bridge between the students and the council. I will diligently represent the first year in any way I can. Hopefully with the help of the council I can initiate at least one project a semester that you all would enjoy!

Thank you!


Sustainability Representative –  Kathrynn Ashworth

Hello folks!

My name is Kathrynn Ashworth, and I am a second-year student completing my degree in History and ESST. When I’m not on campus studying, I am out hiking around the valley with my cat Soup, exploring local establishments or running my own small business! If elected as your sustainability rep I will make sustainable choices accessible to all students living on res and off. I will host fun events such as a swap-don’t-shop and many trivia nigh   t with topics such as “Prices on Amazon VS In Wolfville” to help students see that they can be sustainable just by supporting local. Finally I will make sure you, the students, are rewarded and recognized for your efforts!

Together we can make a school Mother Nature would enrol in!


Sustainability Representative –  Emily Jollymore

Hello, I’m Emily! I am in my first year of BASc. in Engineering. I’ve worked in recreation for 2 years, with senior citizens as well as children from the ages of 3 to 14. I’m also a violinist—in progress! I wrote a scholarship-winning essay about the Future of Renewable Energy in Nova Scotia, which led me to my environmental passions here at Acadia.

My sustainability goals:


  1. Donation, fundraising, and kick-off events (covid-safe)
  2. More plants, flowers, and biodiversity on campus
  3. Sustainable ideas that are catered to each department


  1. Home-made window garden boxes
  2. Community habitats for bees and butterflies
  3. A group that runs environmental promotion programs with kids


  1. More automatic light systems
  2. Sustainable lunch solutions – no lunch rush
  3. Sharing the newest green technologies… with you

Thank you!