Photo by Jon Tyson via Unsplash

I am the most eloquent writer in existence,

yet your presence leaves me baffled and speechless.

Only God can tell you what weighs my heart,

so I pray for the End,

so that you may finally be able to feel

all my love,

all the love,

all that love,

that you lack,

that you spent countless wasted days

searching for,

all that love,

that you so rightfully deserved.

You should have never loved me,

you shouldn’t have been able to,

yet you could,

and you did; forever & always.

“He was born lucky, I was lucky to be born.”

You never thought this.

I have spent, and will spend eternity

thinking I’m unworthy, vulnerable, and a waste of a vessel.

And all thanks to your inability to do so. 

Everything I lack,

God put that in you,

And everything you lack,

God put into me.

And then He told us to find each other.